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Custom Sublimation
Printing Team Uniforms

Sublimation printing, or dye sublimation printing, is a cutting edge creative technology used to infuse digital designs into fabric. This sublimation technology allows for the limitless creativity of designing the complete garment with more colour and style than is possible with traditional methods such as screen printing ink on fabric, or embroidering thread on fabric which have serious limitations.

The design is infused into the uniform fabric

The word printing is something of a misnomer when it comes to sublimation printing since in fact no printed ink is involved, instead the digital designs are infused directly into the fabric (think of a tattoo!) in a process that involves a heat press and a special fabric.

This is a great design advantage. Think of it, you can infuse any digital design into the fabric, not just the usual team logo outline or player numbers with ink.

  Made in Canada

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How to create your look

Advantages of custom sublimated uniforms
over traditional techniques

An endless variety of Sublimation sportswear

Some of the customized sublimation team uniforms we provide include:

  • Sublimated jerseys

  • Sublimated team jerseys

  • Custom sublimated jerseys

  • Sublimation volleyball jerseys

  • Sublimated team uniforms

  • Sublimated flag football jerseys

  • Sublimation football jerseys

  • Sublimated baseball pants

  • Sublimated sports uniforms

  • Sublimated track uniforms

  • Custom sublimated jerseys

  • Sublimated soccer uniforms

  • And much more

With Sportira there’s no limit to how good your team can look!

Sublimation technology has changed the game of designing and creating personalized team uniforms.

Go ahead and take advantage of the limitless creative possibilities available with custom sublimated team uniforms from Sportira.

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